Attention Non-QM Lenders!

Does your bank or lender offer non-QM loans? If so, we’d like to hear from you ASAP.

We know this niche is in its infancy, but we’re already aware of dozens of existing non-QM loan products and would like to know about all of them.

Please send an e-mail to: help@nonqmloans (dot com) to share all the details about the non-QM products you offer. Make sure you enter our e-mail address properly to ensure it is delivered to the right place.

And be sure to include any pertinent links , ratesheets, guidelines, matrices, etc. so we can offer as much information as possible about your line of non-QM offerings.

To see who’s already on this rapidly expanding list, click here.


  1. Looking for a non QM jumbo Mortgage
    With 30 % Down on 5 million loan amount.
    3 year refi out to either pay off or much less on mortgage. High Fico in 700s
    Buying cash flowing businesses to supply business returns.

  2. Call Tony at Citadel 727.278.1046

    * Bank Statements for SE Income to 90% LTV No PMI, No Reserves , up to $3 million
    * Stated Income Non Owner Occ 75LTV and Foreign National 70LTV, up to $2 million
    * Two years from FC, BK, Short Sale/DIL to 90% LTV
    One year from Short Sale/DIL to 85% LTV
    No seasoning Short Sale/DIL to 80%LTV
    * STAND ALONE 2nds
    * Interest only, Asset based programs also available

  3. Renew Lending introduces our 7/1 Non-QM ARM Program geared for the self-employed borrower. Some of the highlights are:
    · Loans to $5 million – minimum loan size $750,000

    · LTV’s to 70% to $3 million; 60% to $4 million; 50% to $5 million

    · Unlimited Cash Out

    · Alternative Income Calculations Used – Bank Statements or Asset Depletion Acceptable to arrive at 50% or less DTI ability to pay

    · 30 Year Term; Fixed for 1st 7 years at 5 ¾% (see additions in guideline); adjustable thereafter

    · Interest only for 1st 7 years; 23 year amortization thereafter

    · No Limit on Number of Investment Properties

    · Foreign Nationals OK

    · Unseasoned Bankruptcy/ Foreclosure/ Short Sale – case by case

    · Delivery Cost is ½% + $1,795 lender fee therefore an origination fee must be charged

    · Two appraisals required

  4. Would like to know who are the authors/originators of this site. There are not any credentials/bios/affiliations mentioned. Could you please contact me with more background information? The company I represent is a Non QM/Non-Prime market participant. Thank you.

  5. We are a US Treasury Certified CDFI, which means we work with clients who have been passed over by traditional lenders and banks.

    I would love to be part of your website.

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